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Sell ​​Waterproofing

PT. Axia Tekindo Semesta, selling waterproofing which is a material that is widely used in building construction or building construction. Waterproofing which is a procedure performed to make an object resistant to water. Waterproofing material is used to protect and maintain the durability of the building structure. More specifically, we sell waterproofing whose function is to protect the underside of a surface to resist or resist seepage of liquid material against a coated structure. The structural part that is often used to install waterproofing on roofs, concrete pallets and concrete walls in basements, roofs and other wet areas.

Cheaper Waterproofing Supplier

PT. Axia Tekindo Semesta, a supplier of waterproofing materials that sells low-priced waterproofing, the most complete choice with various types and brands. We provide various brands of waterproof materials namely Sika, BASF, Mapei, Bostik, Fosroc, Estop, Inoplast which of course with the cheapest distributor and supplier prices. Buy waterproofing materials at cheap prices right now through our center for selling waterproofing in Jakarta for delivery throughout Indonesia for your needs.

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