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Sika Viscocrete

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PT. Axia Tekindo Semesta, a distribution company and application of construction chemical products from manufacturers, one of which sells Sika Viscocrete with various types. We sell Sika Viscocrete which is an additive that functions as a Super Power Plasticizer that can produce high quality concrete. As we know, in making high quality concrete, large amounts of cement are needed so that the price of concrete becomes expensive and no longer economical. Sika Viscocrete is used as a Super Plasticizer additive which functions to increase the compressive strength of concrete. Super Plasticizer aims to make higher quality concrete using the same amount of cement as in ordinary concrete. In addition, Sika Viscocrete also functions as a Water Reducer that is able to reduce water usage by up to 40% when compared to ordinary concrete manufacturing.

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