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Sika Grout

Sell ​​Sika Grout

PT. Axia Tekindo Semesta, a global supplier of building materials and building chemical products for Sika, one of which sells Sika Grout. We sell sika grout which is cement grouting to repair and cover various applications such as machine foundation, bearing plate, steel frame, etc. Selling Sika grout which is used in the grouting process which is a filling process for cavities to repair concrete or to repair land and building construction. In addition, this grouting cement can also be used for the installation of anchors or engine mounts so that it is sturdy and does not shift. We provide various types of Sika Grout products, Sika Tile Grout, Sika Grout 214, Sika Grout 215, Sikadur 42MP Slow HC, Sikadur 42MP Normal HC and other types at the cheapest distributor and supplier prices.

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