Waterstop PVC Hydrofoil 15m / roll

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Fosroc Waterstop

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Waterstop PVC Hydrofoil is a special material made of PVC that has good flexibility such as rubber and is installed in a concrete connection that is tight or has a gap and serves to hold the flow of water that enters the building through the concrete connection.

PVC Waterstop is used for concrete construction & continuous joints with different sizes and shapes according to the permitted construction requirements. Usually used for connections between concrete floors, walls and floors, and for concrete joints, changes in direction, etc.

Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Waterstop is a flexible material and makes it popular with its specialties and abilities. The physical properties of the material, its excellent inherent elasticity and resistance to chemicals and water pressure have made it the most needed Waterstop material in construction joints. We provide this product available in several types and sizes at competitive Waterstop PVC prices. The selection of the right Waterstop material must begin with determining whether the connection is moving or not moving.

Waterstop PVC is manufactured from high quality Polyvinylchloride, which is specially formulated to create water barrier / plugs in concrete joints that have characteristics resistant to damaging materials, have a spring force and are resistant to corrosion. Does not react due to the influence of acids, alkalis, salts and can survive embedded in concrete in a long time

PVC Waterstop applications include those related to:

Water tanks and wastewater facilities

Dams, reservoirs, water reservoirs, and waterways

Tunnels and culverts

Cold joint / stop cast

Basement and underground structure

Swimming pool / Reservoir / Water tank

Tunnels and Underground Paths

Gutter, Dams, Drains, Waste Collection

Concrete roof, Bridge

Dams, Culverts, Canal, Floodgate

Concrete connection of building structures, etc.

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