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Estotop SQ is a ready to use, dry shake colour or natural grey floor hardener for concrete slab. It consists of hard wearing well graded silica quartz, Portland cement, plasticizing agents and strength promoters which enhanced abrasion and wear resistance.

Estotop SQ cures monolithically to provide a dense, non-porous surface, which is extremely hard wearing and abrasion resistance.


Estotop SQ is superficial reinforcing of floor slabs and screeds where good abrasion resistance and reduced dusting is required.

Estotop SQ is suitable and widely been used for floors subjected to severe mechanical wear or heavy traffic, e.g.

* Breweries / Heavy industry

* Agricultural buildings

* Warehouses / Workshops

* Loading bays / Parking lots

* Service station / Garage


* Reduces dusting

* High resistance to abrasion

* Improves resistance to impact

* Improves resistance to oils and greases

* Easy to apply

* Saves time and labour costs by eliminating the need for a granolithic screed

* Intrinsic colouring

* Monolithically bond with fresh concrete base

Product Information

Packaging 25 Kg bag

Colour - Natural, Green & Red (other colours are available upon request)

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