Fosroc Supercast SW30 Roll

Rp. 999,999,999
Last Updated
01 Aug 2023
Country Origin
United Kingdom
Minimum Order
1 Roll


The Supercast SW range consists of swellable waterstops; Supercast SW formed sections, Supercast SWX gun-applied paste and Supercast SW Adhesive.
Supercast SW sections are made from high performance synthetic elastomer strips. The swelling action of the Supercast SW range is the result of contact between water and hydrophilic groups which are an intimate part of the Supercast SW polymeric structure. These hydrophilic groups are not subject to extraction and loss of swelling performance by prolonged or repeated wetting.

Expansion of the waterstop creates a positive pressure against the faces of the concrete joint, thus preventing water passing through the joint. Supercast SWX is a grey, elastomeric water-swellable gun applied paste. Supercast SWX can be used as a swellable adhesive to adhere Supercast SW waterstop to concrete. It has the capability to fill undulations and surface holes in the concrete beneath the waterstop and swell into these when required.
Supercast SWX also enables Supercast SW sections to be linked into conventional Supercast PVC waterstop networks. This allows the use of Supercast PVC for expansion joints and Supercast SW for construction joints whilst maintaining an integrated waterproofing network.


Integral sealing for construction joints in concrete cast in-situ.
Convenient and problem solving in situations where a conventional waterstop would require complex shuttering.

Typical uses include secant piled and diaphragm walled basements, pile caps and casting against old concrete. The Supercast SW range can provide simple solutions to detailing pipe entries, construction joints in the vertical plane and to kicker joints.
They can be linked to Supercast PVC waterstops to give an appropriate effective combination of waterstops which maintain network continuity.

- Easy to install by adhesive bonding, or casting into joint faces

- Supercast SWX enables full integration of Supercast SW and Supercast PVC networks
- Supercast SW Adhesive and Supercast SWX can be applied to damp substrates

- Solves detailing problems in conjunction with Supercast PVC waterstops
- Swelling properties unaffected by long term wet/dry cycling

- Tolerant of salts in concrete and groundwater
- Sustains effective seal in wet conditions

- Highly adaptable to accommodate complex joint shapes

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