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Fosroc Grouting

Selling Grouting Conbextra GP

PT. Axia Tekindo Semesta sells Grouting Conbextra GP which is a powder-proof anti-shrinkage grouting material. Conbextra GP grouting is a ready-made, non-shrinking grouting material that can be used for all kinds of grouting applications. Conbextra GP grouting can be used up to a thickness of 100 mm.
We sell Grouting Conbextra GP which can be used to:
- light engine runway & column runway
- fill connections in precast concrete / panel structures
- lightweight concrete repairs.

Conbextra GP Grouting Supplier Low Prices

We are PT. Axia Tekindo Semesta is the most complete distributor / supplier that sells Grouting Conbextra GP. Buy Grouting Conbextra GP at cheap prices now through our Grouting Conbextra GP sales center in Jakarta for delivery to all of Indonesia for your needs. Contact us immediately who provide a list of competitive Grouting Conbextra GP prices for suppliers / distributors.

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